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HandsFree Texting


HandsFree Texting allows users to receive and respond to text messages through their Bluetooth audio devices (headsets, cars, etc.). The goal is to allow drivers to keep their eyes on the road and stay safe, while still being able to respond to important messages.SETUP:
1. Turn on HandsFree Texting service2. Turn on Bluetooth3. Connect phone with desired Bluetooth deviceNote: The service can still work without being connected to a Bluetooth device.
When the service is turned on and a text message is received, 1. The message is read out loud2. The user is prompted, "Reply," "Repeat," or "Quit."3. If "Reply," the user says their reply.4. The reply is repeated back to the user, who is then prompted, "Send," "Try Again," or "Quit."5. On "Send," the reply is sent and a success message is returned.
-Before any voice command, wait for the *beep* before speaking.-For less robotic-sounding voices, download other TextToSpeech engines, like IVONA-Currently, if messages are received in quick succession, only the first message will be read out loud.
For comments, questions, or suggestions, contact the developer at